The cottage is divided into two separate apartments which are approximately 86 m² each. In both apartments you will find a kitchen, three bedrooms, a sauna, a shower-room and a toilet. In addition to that, in both apartments there is controllable floor heating.

From living room's enormous windows you will see the lake and forest. This is the perfect place to enjoy the view of Northern Lights! You will find a dining table, a sofa, a fireplace and a TV.
In a well-equipped kitchen you will find a children-safe induction cooker, an oven, a micro, a coffee maker and an electric kettle. There is a door which connects the kitchen and veranda outside.
From Northern Lights - bedroom you will be able to enjoy the view of the lake.
Tunturi-bedroom is the biggest one and from its window you will see the beautiful view of Levi mountain.
There is a bunk bed in the small bedroom that can uphold even an adult!
You can fit four persons into the sauna at once. In addition to that, there are two showers.